Green Initiative Green Initiative

 Green Initiative


    Oglethorpe Power recognizes the need to provide reliable power to the Member Systems without compromising the natural environment and limiting the ability of future generations to meet their needs.  To this end, Oglethorpe Power has begun implementing a “green initiative” to incorporate sustainability into its business practices, including a reduction in the carbon footprint of its headquarters campus.
    Among other actions, the corporation has formed teams to promote the reduction of electricity and waste in the building. These efforts include switching off unused lights, revamping the power management features of computers to put them "to sleep" when not in use, and curtailing unwanted catalogs, magazines and junk mail. 
    Other teams are examining ways to cut down on paper and ink usage and evaluating the vehicle fleet for cleaner options. Employees have also been given the option to work alternative work schedules to take vehicles off the road, thereby reducing carbon emissions.


 Quick Facts

  • Incorporating sustainability into business practices

  • Working to reduce office waste and energy use

  • Upgraded vehicle fleet to increase efficiency​

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