Future Improvements Future Improvements

 Future Improvements

    Oglethorpe Power is continuing to prepare for compliance with future environmental requirements by making additional environmental improvements at its power plants. 
    At  Plant Scherer, work is progressing on the installation of an Air Quality Control System (AQCS) that will remove more than 80 percent of the mercury and 99 percent of the particulate matter from emissions at the plant. The AQCS also will include systems to reduce sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions by about 95 percent and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by about 85 percent below levels that existed in the year 2000. The first components of the AQCS at Plant Scherer began service in 2009, and the project is scheduled for completion in 2013. Oglethorpe Power expects to spend about $900 million on the AQCS at Plant Scherer.
    At Oglethorpe Power’s other coal-fired facility, Plant Wansley, work was recently completed  on a Flue Gas Desulfurization System (FGD), expected  to reduce SO2 by about 95 percent. 


The FGD system under construction at Plant Wansley

 Quick Facts

  • New systems at Pla​nt Scherer will remove 80 percent of mercury and 99 percent of particulate matter.

  • Improvements will reduce Plant Scherer SO2 by 95 percent and NOx by 85 percent.

  • SO2 will be reduced by about 95 percent at Plant Wansley.​

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