Growth In Power Demand Growth In Power Demand

 Growth in Power Demand

Georgia’s population has grown steadily over the past several decades. Between 1970 and the present, the state grew from 4.6 million residents to just under 10 million people today.
    The impacts of Georgia’s historically strong growth have been felt in areas such as housing, schools and transportation systems. But one of the biggest impacts has been on the electrical supply system. More people, combined with more household devices such as large screen TVs and computers, has meant higher demand for electricity. 
    This is especially true for many of the 38 Electric Membership Corporations (EMCs) served by Oglethorpe Power, which provide retail electric service in suburban or exurban areas where much of the fastest growth has taken place. 
    In terms of customer demand for power, the Member Systems still comprise the fastest growing segment of the state’s utility industry.


Photo credit, above banner: Georgia Department of Economic Development

 Quick Facts

  • Georgia is one of nation’s fastest-growing states.

  • Population growth and more electric appliances are driving the need for more electricity.

  • EMCs serve some of the fastest-growing areas of the state.

  • EMCs are experiencing more growth in electricity use than Georgia’s other utilities.​​

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