New pie chart 2Increase in Power Use 

Since the formation of Oglethorpe Power Corporation (OPC) in 1974, the corporation’s Member Systems have experienced nearly continuous growth in their need for power. In 1975, the Members had a combined peak demand for power of 1,361 megawatts (MW).  In 2012, that number reached an all-time high of 9,353 MW. 
    In terms of energy use, the Member Systems required 36,420,750 megawatt-hours (MWh) of electric energy in 2013. Of the total , Oglethorpe Power supplied 18,549,886 WMh of the energy the Member Systems required in 2013, or about 51 percent. The EMCs secure the remainder of their power needs from various other power providers.
    Oglethorpe provides energy to its Member Systems with a diverse energy portfolio of owned or managed facilities that include natural gas, hydroelectric, coal and nuclear generating plants with a combined capacity of nearly 7,800 megawatts (summer peak capacity), as well as purchased power.


Quick Facts
  • A megawatt equals one thousand kilowatts.

  • “Peak demand” occurs when consumers are using the most electricity — usually hot summer afternoons.

  • About 51 percent of Member EMCs' energy needs in 2013 were supplied by OPC.


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